wooden pasture gates

You can choose from two types of wooden pasture gates: our Woodygate and Woodygate with arch (adapted to new name). Both gate types feature an English design. They are available in both left and right-hand swing. As the name suggests, you can also opt to add an arch onto the gate.


The pasture gates are a functional added value for your pasture or garden, and are also a beautiful finishing touch.


We produce our own wooden pasture gates. The fencing for your garden or horse pasture is always traditionally and authentically manufactured in our home base in West Flanders.

Woodygate 1

These wooden pasture gates feature an English design. The door is available with both left and right hand swing. We can produce these gates in pine or tropical hardwood.


Woodygate 2

This wooden pasture gate, featuring an English design, is finished with an arch. We can produce this gate in pine or tropical hardwood.

Additional information

A garden fence made of a natural material is not only functional, it also has decorative appeal. Wood is a warm, natural product that matches a range of styles, in both rural and modern gardens. In addition, the wood we offer is very durable, which guarantees the quality of your fence. The higher the quality of your wood and therefore your fence, the longer it will last. There is less maintenance and the service life is longer. The quality of our woods makes our fences truly top notch and difficult to break. In short: a top quality product that also will bring a beautiful look to your garden or pasture.


We make the garden fences and pasture gates from the strongest and most durable pine and tropical hardwood. This gives the wooden gates the necessary strength to last a long time and require little maintenance.


Our pine is oven-dried and impregnated to saturation. That means we can guarantee that the wood is maintenance-free. The same goes for our tropical hardwood, which also has a long life span.

In addition to stylish looks, we also strive for quality. That’s why we choose the very best pine and hardwood for your fencing. Of course, we also pay a lot of attention to making sure the hinge is solid.

It is important that a wooden gate be constructed properly. That is why we take into account the thickness of the wood, the types of wood and the hardware, so everything is easy to use.

The quality of our products means we can guarantee that our wooden pasture gates are always durable. The gates require virtually no maintenance and boast a long life.

We not only supply the wooden parts for your garden gate and other fencing, we also offer the gateposts, including fittings. You can choose between single and double gates.


We’d be happy to help you find a solution that fits your needs.