Horse fences

We offer a unique, high-quality range of horse fences. With our different types of wooden fences we try to tailor our offering to each customer’s needs.


We produce and process the parts for our horse fences from our home base in West Flanders. Our authentic production process guarantees the quality of your fence. In addition to wood parts, you can also contact us for electric fencing and pasture equipment.We’d be happy to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Woody 1

This horse fence made of sturdy pine is finished with precision. We guarantee optimal rainwater drainage by cutting the post tops at an angle. We use stainless steel screws to attach smoother planks to these posts.

Woody 2

This horse fence has a timeless look thanks to the squared diamond head posts. We can also a milled band, if needed. We plane the horizontal planks so that the corners are rounded, then we slide these planks through the slotted holes.

Woody 3

This wooden horse fence is sturdy and durable by combining hardwood poles with pine beams. We can also add a milled band on the elegant diamond head.

Woody 4

This horse fence is made entirely of hardwood, both the posts and the beams. This makes the fence very durable, with a lifespan of up to 35 years.

Woody 5

For smaller animals such as sheep or goats, this pasture fence is the perfect choice. To install this fence, you can choose between the Woody 1, 2, 4 and 6 posts. The posts are always 3 meters apart with wire mesh in between.

Woody 6

If you want a horse fence with a little more rustic charm, this post & rail closure is ideal. The cleaved triangular beams that we plane to points on both sides are then placed through the slotted holes. This horse fence is available in acacia wood.

Woody 7

Safety fence.

There are all kinds of conditions necessary for a good horse fence, so the wooden fence in your pasture has to be solid. That is why we've selected the very best, most durable woods: Nordic pine, acacia and tropical hardwood. It also has to be safe, so the horses don't hurt themselves. Last but not least, it is also important that the fence for your horse pasture fit into the environment. You can go for a timeless look with the diamond head horse fence, or if you want an extra touch of rustic charm, you can go with our acacia wood fence. By always choosing the best wood for your horse fence, we can guarantee that your pasture fence will have a long life span. In addition, your wooden fence hardly requires any additional maintenance.

Wooden fences and garden fences

A garden fence made of a natural material is not only functional, it also has decorative appeal. That’s why a wooden fence is an ideal way to give your garden a stylish look. Wood is a warm, natural product that matches a range of styles, in both rural and modern gardens. In addition, the wood we offer is very durable, which guarantees the quality of your fence. The higher the quality of your wood and therefore your fence, the longer it will last. There is less maintenance and the service life is longer. The quality of our woods makes our fences truly top notch and difficult to break. In short: a top quality product that also will bring a beautiful look to your garden or pasture.

The types of wood we choose are of excellent quality. Our pine is oven-dried and impregnated to saturation. This means we can guarantee that the wood is maintenance-free. That goes for our t tropical hardwood and acacia, too. These types of wood also have a long life span.